Enrollment Eligibility



Step One: Enrollment Eligibility

It's easy to open your account and become a member of APEX Community FCU.  Once a member, your membership lasts a lifetime, regardless of whether you change jobs, move, or retire.  With our online services, ATM network and shared branching with over 4,000 credit union branches nationwide- it's easier than ever to do all of your banking with Apex

You are eligible to become a member of Apex Community Federal Union if you meet one of the following criteria;

  1. you live, work, worship or attend school in eligible areas of Pennsylvania Tri-county region. Click here to see complete list of eligible areas within Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties
  2. you are as spouse of a person who died while within the field of membership; Credit Union employees; persons retired as pensioners annuitants from organizations with the Credit Unions common bond; and organizations of such persons.
  3. Credit Union members in good standing and whose status is currently within the Credit Union's common bond may sponsor immediate family members and possibly other family members of your household for Credit Union membership.
*Please indicate which of these criteria statements applies to you by selecting 1, 2, 3.:
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