Welcome to Sage Capital Bank

Welcome to Sage Capital Bank's Online Checking Application!  We are glad that you have chosen Sage Capital Bank and we hope to make your account opening process a quick and easy one.

The account you are opening is a non-interest bearing electronic checking account available for consumer/household purposes to anyone 18 years old and over residing in the state of Texas.  Because this account is electronic check writing is prohibited.  However, checks can be distributed through the online bill payment system.  Please review the Truth in Savings Disclosure for additional information.  Correspondence for this checking account, including bank statements, will be delivered in electronic form.  For non-electronic checking account options or for accounts that offer checks contact any Sage Capital Bank Branch Office.  All other checking account products must be opened in person.

If you choose to proceed with your on-line application we will run a Credit Bureau inquiry and a ChexSystem inquiry in order to help us verify your identity and qualification for this account.  Your completion of this application will be considered as your consent and acknowledgement. 

Thank you for your interest in Sage Capital Bank. 

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