Enrollment Eligibility
Welcome to the Erie Shores Community Federal Credit Union membership enrollment process.  Step One is determining your eligibility to join the Credit Union.

If you can not answer yes to any of the following questions please contact the Credit Union to determining your eligibility by calling us at 440-438-3102.

Along with the completed application, include identification so we can verify your identity. Please provide a copy of a valid Driver's License or other government-issued ID and copy of your social security card (if a joint account, please include a photocopy of the id and Social Security Card of the other person). If you are a minor without a photo id, we may request identification material. Be sure to complete the beneficiary information for account designation, plus a personal check or money order for at least $5.00, to the Credit Union:

I live, work, attend school, or attend church in one of the following municipalities.:
I am a household member of immediate family of a Credit Union Member.:
Are you a household member or immediate family of a Credit Union member:
Are you the spouse of a person who died while whithin the field of membership of this Credit Union: